How Many Landfills are There in the USA?

In the United States there are 3,091active landfills. There are also over 10,000 old municipal landfills.


What Happens When a Landfill is Full?

When a landfill becomes full it is covered with a final composite layer to prevent rainwater from entering the landfill and reduces the amount of leachate created. Systems to check the air, groundwater, and surface water are installed and maintained for 30 years after closing.
This is an old landfill that has been converted to a park.

How Does Pollution from Landfills Contaminate Water, Air?

Landfills that remain uncovered can pollute the air creating substantial health risks for those around it.Chromium pollution in water can result from landfill contamination as well.

What Gases Are Emitted When Garbage is Burned?

When Garbage is burned it creates dioxin and other dangerous toxics in the air,soil, and groundwater. This endangers the people around you with several things such as: tumors,cancer, infertility,asthma,immune system problems, etc.

How Do These Gases Contribute to the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming?

These gases help warm the atmosphere.